How to play

All you need to do is register with your cell phone number and email address and you will automatically be entered into the daily draw.

  • You must be over 18 to enter. If you are under 18 please ask an adult to play on your behalf.
  • Only registered players will be drawn, so there is always at least one eligible winner.
  • If the winner fails to visit the site and collect their prize on the day their number is picked, then the prize pot is rolled over. If you miss the time slot where your number is the winner, then you can’t claim your prize.
  • You can only register once. You can only have one cell phone number and one email registered at one time. Anyone found breaking this rule will have their entry disabled without notice.
  • Once the draw has been made, the person who already registered the drawn number will be eligible to claim the prize. Registering a number after it has been drawn does not entitle you to collect for that draw.
  • To claim the prize. the player needs to visit the site and press the ‘Your a Winner’ button before the next draw. This only appears if you are a winner, so if you’ve seen this button, congratulations – go and claim your prize now!
  • Once a player has claimed, they have secured the prize pot.
  • By ‘Player’ we mean someone who lives in South Africa.
  • Email reminders are provided to help you remember to check if you are a winner. If they fail, or your email provider chooses to filter them into Spam/Junk folders then we are not liable for missed winnings.
  • In order to keep the site fair, and make sure real people are winning the money, we reserve the right to query certain entries. In particular, ‘role’ based email addresses (eg. or non-personal addresses (eg. are likely to be queried if they are one of multiple entries. We ask that you avoid using such email addresses if you can.
  • We reserve the right to withold winnings if we cannot ascertain that the entry is legitimate. We may require proof of ownership of the cell phone number.
  • We don’t want to bother you, so in order to reduce unwanted, and unopened emails, we will automatically cancel your daily draw alerts if you have not visited the site for over a month.
  • We may temporarily remove entries that have not visited the site for over a week. These dormant entries will be reactivated the next time the user logs in either directly on the site, or via a reminder email, but will not be eligible to claim prizes drawn whilst dormant.

Need some help?

If you have any queries regarding the rules, please first consult the FAQ page discussing the draws. If you’re still unsure, please contact us.